Our Company

For too long, consumers that let accounts go delinquent and the collection agencies that collect on those accounts have suffered from an undeserved reputation in most cases. Our company understands that unforeseen circumstances can occur in consumers’ lives, leaving their finances in turmoil. Our policies and procedures demand professional and considerate behavior from our representatives at all times. Moving forward, we will continue this trend through the ongoing training and education of our staff.

What We Do

We strive to be the company that offers consumers resolutions that allow them to pay off their debts in a case specific fashion, helping them to aleviate the stress of outstanding debt and enabling them to once again get their credit moving in a positive direction.

Dispute Resolution

I-Pay Services strives to maintain the highest levels of professionalism in the industry. However, should you feel that your call has been mis-handled in some way, we absolutely want to know, so that we may take corrective action as soon as possible. We appreciate your help in our quest for continual improvement. Do not hesitate to contact us below.

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